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Home Heating oil Prices
Stg.Per Liter.52.1 P
EuroPer Liter.59.9 C

Prices are for Home Heating Oil Collected from Our Yard In Derrynoose.

About Us


We are retailers of “Top Brands at Lowest Prices”, using a very simple formula of  Small margin with volume turnover saving you, the customer money.  We simply sell Quality brands at prices lower than you will find anywhere else.

Our core business is retail of  Kerosene ( Heating Oil ) and Coal, all supplied to us by Hayes Fuels.   Our core values are also simple. Look after our customers.  Look after our staff and look after our suppliers.

We have recently and very successfully branched out into the Agri Supplies industry and are making an impact in that arena as we have done in the Coal and Oil industry by SELLING TOP BRANDS, AT  LOWER PRICING THAN ANYONE ELSE:  Brands include Tinsley / Rylock Wire, Kiernans Mill / Thompsons Mill,  Gibney Gates, Nutribio Nutrition, Flexothane , Dunlop, Pel Electric Fence, Electropower, Castrol Oil.

Today the business is owned by Tom & Orla Mc Nally who have a true passion for ensuring customer satisfaction.  Word of mouth is by far the most powerful driver of the business and customers regularly travel from the four corners of Ireland to get avail of the value that we offer.

We encourage you to compare our products and prices with what you are currently paying locally.  We regularly ship by courier to all of the 32 counties for minimal costs helping you keep your hard earned money in your own pocket.

You will usually be greeted with a smile and a courteous attitude from our excellent staff who will help you find the right product for your own particular need.

We work on the premise of:




HAPPY CUSTOMERS = BETTER RESULTS                                 Simple really 🙂  so   “Come and See”


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Who we are and History

Who we are and History of how the business was established in 1895 with a place

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